Baillod Families in the US & Canada

Three major groups of Baillods emigrated from Switzerland to North America in the late1800s and early 1900s. These groups now account for nearly all of the Baillods living in North America.

As of April 2002, The entire Baillod Family Genealogy is online at The links on this page subsequently allow you to browse the entire Baillod family database, which includes nearly 700 persons and dates to the mid 1400s. 

Burkes Falls, Canada

By far the largest group of Baillods in North America is the Baillod family that emigrated to Burkes Falls, Canada around 1878. This group was headed by Edouard Baillod (b. 1/9/1837) and Rose Marie (Berthoud) Baillod and rapidly spread across Canada and the US. The family, which holds a reunion every decade, now includes hundreds of members concentrated mostly in eastern and western Canada with groups in Lower Michigan, Kansas, Florida,Texas and California. Edward and Marie had ten children which accounts for the large number of descendants. Their children included Arthur, Arnold, William, Edward, Gustave, Emile, Ferdinand (Fritz), Adrien (emigrated to Porterville, CA), Mary and Flora.  Many of the descendents of Arthur Baillod settled in Michigan and changed the spelling and pronunciation of their name to "Balloid."

Porterville, California

The second largest group is the Baillod family that settled in Porterville, California in about 1900. This group was headed by Jules Baillod (b. 5/15/1835) and Adele (Rosselet) Baillod who married in Switzerland. Jules was the brother of Edward Baillod (above) and came to Porterville from Burkes Falls. Jules and Edwards' parents were Charles August Baillod (b. 6/13/1806) and Helene (Favre) Baillod who remained in Switzerland. Jules and Adele had a number of children including Louis Baillod (b.1862), Jules Baillod (b.1867), Adele Elise Baillod (b.1870), Rose Margaretta Baillod (b.1871), John Baillod (b.1873), Jane Baillod (b.1876) & Paul Baillod (b.1878). Their descendants are now spread throughout the western United States, but are still centered primarily in California and Idaho. A geneaology outline for this family and that of Adrien Baillod (above) is available through the online records of the cemetery in Tulare County. 

MIlwaukee, Wisconsin

The third largest group is the Baillod family that settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1905. Headed by Charles Adolphe Baillod and Klara (Stieger) Baillod, this family is still concentrated primarily in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan. Charles emigrated from St. Aubin in 1905 leaving his mother, Elise Francoise Baillod. Charles married Klara Steiger (from Mielen, Switzerland) in Milwaukee in 1907. Charles and Clara had four children, Charles, Henry, Clara & Francis. Charles' parents were Henri (b. 4/14/1839) and Elise Francoise Baillod who remained in Switzerland. Henri's parents were Alexandre Leonard Baillod (b. 4/3/1787) and Suzanne Henriette (DuBois) Baillod. 


Other related Baillods are known to live in South America.

At least one Baillod came to the US without leaving any descendants. Some years ago, a headstone was found in a cemetery at Houghton, Michigan for Louis Baillod (1825 - 1871). Louis was killed in a boating accident on the Keweenaw Waterway, leaving a wife, Elizabeth Baillod. Research indicates that he was probably a cousin of Edward and Jules (above).

Another individual immigrant was Frederic Baillod, born in Neuchatel in 1844. He came to the US in 1873 and is listed on the 1920 Census in Livermore, California as a single man working as a barrel cooper at a winery at age 76.

Georges Baillod (1857 - ?) is listed on the Swiss Baillod family tree as having died in America, but no record of him has yet been found.

Aimé Baillod (1798 - ?) is listed on the Swiss Baillod tree as having emigrated to New Orleans where he married. His children Aimé (1821 - 1840) , Numa (1824 - ?) and Adalbert (1836 - 1865) also came to the US or were born here. Aimé was killed by a street car in New York. Numa married Rosette Barbara in New York and had three sons and a daughter. Adalbert died a bachelor in 1865, possibly in the Civil War.

Alfred Baillod (1859 - ?) is shown in 1897 working as a Jeweler in Brooklyn. He is noted in Ellis Island records to have made a number of journeys back to Neuchatel and may have returned to Switzerland.

Sisters Blanche (1894 - ?) and Berthe (1897 - ?) Baillod, emigrated from St. Aubin to Brooklyn, NY and Stamford, CT in 1924 and 1926, respectively. They are shown working as domestic servants on the 1930 census. It is possible that the sisters may have been siblings of Jules Baillod (1905 - 1991), listed below. They may have returned to Switzerland.

In addition to the above, the family of Jules (1905 - 1991) and Bertha (1912 - 1997) Baillod of Connecticut and the family of Jean (1893 - 1971) and Yvonne (1901 - 1986) Baillod of Florida have yet to be fit into the family tree and we would be interested in hearing from any of their descendents.

Special thanks to the following Baillods who've contributed data and family history:
Kerry Nelder - Michigan
Claude-Francois Baillod - Switzerland
Anne-Claire Baillod - Switzerland
Gary Baillod - Michigan
Henry Baillod - Wisconsin
Barbara Janoiko - California
Daryl Smith - Ontario
Cindy Holenski - Japan
Deed Baillod - Mexico
Roger Rosset - Switzerland
Sylvie Baillods - Switzerland

There are now Baillod families in the following States and Provinces (in descending order):
New Jersey
New York