Jacques Baillodz - 1476

Jacques Baillodz is the common ancestor of all Baillods.   A  legendary figure, he is the trunk of our tree.   He distinguished himself by exemplary courage at the bridge Thielle in 1476.

Here is the story of his feats of arms:

"In March 1476, after his defeat at Grandson, the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, gathered again a formidable army, marched into Switzerland by Orb, marched Murten, Bern and Fribourg. He gave the command of his army Count Romont which started off with the vanguard and stopped Estavayer he began to wage war against the Swiss.
After gathering all his soldiers, he went through by Cudrefin marsh and the valley of the Crush. He caught suddenly the village of Anet.

At the first signal that the Confederate sentries were placed to guard the country people of both sexes appeared full of enthusiasm, bearing all kinds of weapons. The people of Neuchatel Neuveville and ran to the aid of their neighbors.

Already a considerable number of Savoyards would make their way over the bridge Thielle remained helpless when Jacques Baillod, Banneret of Neuchatel, a tall man, ran alone in front of the enemy. Armament, armed with a battle ax and protected by his shield, he rushed at the enemy shouting: "To me, children of the Shire!".

Jacques Baillod  successfully defended the passage of the bridge Thielle cons Count Romont, ax throw terror into the ranks of the Savoyards and brought death toanyone who was affected.  After a long struggle and superhuman efforts, our hero, as did Horatius on the bridge Sublicius in Rome, managed to rout the crowd of warriors, well armed, had rushed like mad on this courageous Neuchatel. Seeing this, the Earl of Romont, part of his company had experienced a major failure at Anet, where women fought heroically, retraced his steps, too low, he said, to resist such men he joined the main army of the Duke of Burgundy and went to chop before Morat. "